Buying refills for your Glade and Air Wick in Bulk

by Mark Callison
Bulk Purchasing Glade Air Wick Refills

The use of scented oil plug in warmers is extended beyond residential air care. The convenience of low maintenance, long lasting fragrance is used in numerous commercial applications requiring bulk purchasing. Unlike ionic diffusers which require cleaning and constantly adding essential oils, a plug in refill is placed in a warmer to deliver continuous fragrance for up to 90 days.   We often ask our commercial customers about their specific applications and get some interesting answers.

  • Dentist and orthodontist offices use scented oil warmers to help patients relax.
  • Spas use scented oil to create a comfortable ambiance.
  • Veterinary practices use natural lavender refills to calm animals.
  • Our peppermint sanitizing blend can effectively deodorize and sanitize the air in a public restroom.
  • Casino's have purchase refills to eliminate stale smoke and relax customers. 
  • Hotels have purchased our refills for lobby's and common areas.
  • Offices use peppermint refills  to energize staff and ward of airborne illness. 

In a response to these needs we have implemented tiered pricing with all of our scented oil refills. With our familiar classic collection  you can get the tiered discount when combining any combination of the 5 products in this collection i.e. you buy 2 each of the 5 varieties of refills and receive the 10+ bulk discount. Bulk Pricing combined with the added time-saving benefit of Free Shipping and fast 2-3 day delivery to your business makes scent fill an obvious choice

Tiered quantity bulk pricing table with % discount

 If your bulk purchase require quantities above these tiers please contact a team member for assistance. As the manufacturer, we can develop a custom pricing program best for your needs.  We can be contacted at or (866) 223-7561


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