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Masculine Air Freshener Scents for Glade and Air Wick

ScentDiffuse™ Deodorizer Air Freshener Refill for Malodor Removal fits Air Wick®

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ScentDiffuse™ A new, long-lasting, always-on way to eliminate odor.

Conventional Deodorizers -

  • Distract the user from underlying malodor (offensive odor) by "covering" with fragrance, while doing nothing to "clean" the air (by completely eliminating the malodor molecule).
  • Most conventional deodorizers capture malodor molecules on a "shroud" below human detectable odor range. This is a temporary solution - when the malodor molecule is eventually broken again with friction or moisture, malodor is released again.
  • Oil warmer sold separately Air Wick Scented Oil Warmers.

ScentDiffuse™ by Scent Fill® -

    • Bonds with and neutralizes malodor molecules, rendering them permanently undetectable.
    • Eliminates virtually 100% of malodor permanently.
    • Works best with your Air Wick® scented oil warmers.
    • Subtle, clean scents, using minimal fragrance. Smoke formulations will have more fragrance.
    • Last 4-6 weeks. 
    • Oil warmer sold separately Air Wick Scented Oil Warmers.

Scent Diffuse Clean Air System Deodorizer

Heavy Lifting

Active Ingredient Neutralization:
The main molecule bonds with most of the
malodor molecules to form complexes that
have no odor

Active Assist

Carefully selected, reactive fragrance
ingredients assist and complete the

Aesthetic Design

Expertly crafted fragrance design optimizes
the message of fresh, clean, and pure

      Six Product Scent Options 

      (NOTE: ScentDiffuse™ Deodorizers are very mildly scented. Their primary function is to deodorize the air, rather than scent the air.  You may not smell the Deodorizer in the air unless in close proximity.) 

      General Deodorizers

      1. Fresh ScentDiffuse Deodorizer - This proprietary blend includes natural citrus oils that combine to create a light scent with lemon, bergamot, and other citrus notes.

      2. Satin ScentDiffuse Deodorizer - This scent features a prominent eucalyptus note, making the overall scent mildly cool, clean, and soft, like satin fabric. This scent can best be described as light, soapy, and clean. 

      Smoke Deodorizers*

      3. Smoke Away ScentDiffuse Deodorizer - The most fragrant of all ScentDiffuseoptions, this product combats the strong, stale malodor from cigarette and other smoke. Natural orange peel, eucalyptus, green cardamom, and patchouli oils combine for a sweet, earthy, herbal fragrance.

      4. Refresh ScentDifffuse Smoke Deodorizer - Similar to its counterpart above, but this scent profile is slightly different with clean, powdery, bright, and slightly floral notes, reminiscent of orange blossoms.

      Pet Deodorizers

      5. Fresh Air ScentDiffuse Pet Deodorizer - This subtle fragrance releases soapy, floral notes with very mild, almost undetectable citrus undertones, while it cleans the ugly stuff from the air. 

      6. Clean Air ScentDiffuse Pet Deodorizer - Soft lemon, with bergamot and sage oils, gently scrub the air to reduce or eliminate the unwelcome pet smells in your area.

      *Smoke deodorizers tested effective for legal cannabis.

        Realistic expectations - 

        Effective deodorizer?  Yes; Miracle?  Not quite.

        Eliminate odor in real estate listing - Yes

        Kennel odor?  No. Mitigate odor - Yes

        Cat litter box?  Yes.

        Danky teenagers' room odor?  Yes

        Man Cave odor?  Yes.

        Kitchen/garage with garbage can odor?  Yes, larger rooms may need more units.

        Bathroom odor?  Yes.

        Large public bathroom odor?  Yes, with multiple units.  Must have standard 110v electrical outlets.

        Moldy or musty room or basement odor?  Yes.

        Lessen/diminish smoke odor in a small/medium size room?  Yes. 

        Heavy indoor smoke (pack-a-day) odor?  No.

        Large room with moderate smoke odor?  Yes, with multiple units.


        Independently tested and outperformed Febreeze and Oust for malodor elimination

        malodor PPM removal graph by brand Febreeze Oust Scentdiffuse



        Pet Safety Statement

        NOT For Topical use on pets

        Because even some All Natural products are unsafe for our four-legged friends (take chocolate’s toxic effect on dogs, for example), we cannot make a blanket statement about pet safety and Scent Fill plug-ins. Even naturally occurring elements, like peppermint, which is known to keep away spiders and rodents, can be unpleasant for cats. Other naturally occurring elements, like lavender, can be soothing for both cats and dogs One thing is certain, Scent Fill brand plug-in refills do not contain harmful phthalates (they-lets). Please remember all products are not safe for ingestion or topical use.

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        I love these air fresheners from scent fill. They erase odors instead of covering them up. I don't ever smell my litter box anymore! They also don't use harmful chemicals that enter my bloodstream and harm my body. It's a win/win!

        Paula F.
        United States
        I love these scents!

        I love love love this company! Every order so far (just placed my 3rd or 4th) has arrived with record speed and the scents have been amazing!! No more store bought junk for me! Thank you for giving us other options for our plug-ins!!!

        Jill H.
        United States United States
        Clean & Soapy

        It is pretty soapy smelling! It was a bit much at first but I'm more used to it now & it really does eliminate the smells in my kitchen.

        A Customer
        Heather K.
        United States United States
        Miracle odor removers

        I love love LOVE these air fresheners !! They truly remove all the smelly things in your house. Especially dog odor. No matter how clean you keep your house with a pet it still has that "smell". You know what I mean. Not Anymore ! It's gone really really gone. I will never ever use anything else. I am a real person who has bought this product several times and will continue to purchase. It's AWESOME !

        Kelly S.
        United States United States
        Love the smell of these

        The smells are very pleasing. Not overwhelming and really seem to mask pet odors. Will definitely buy again!!

        COLLEEN S.
        United States United States
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