5 Reasons to choose Scent Fill Plug in Refills for your Air Wick

by Sheena White
Natural Refills For Air Wick Scented Oil Warmer

I have always considered myself to be a fairly health-conscious individual. I try to buy organic when it’s not unreasonably priced. I do my best to eat foods that are unprocessed (although I do have a strong affinity for diet drinks). However, nothing made me more conscious of the food and products I was buying than having a child.

I suddenly found myself buying organic formula and snacks whenever possible (even if they did cost extra) and splurged on the higher quality sunscreen and bath products. Why? Because I disliked the idea of introducing my child to unnecessary chemicals.

And then a friend mentioned to me that the oil plug ins on my wall are actually full of chemicals. Even the name store brand plug in refills that advertise that they use essential oils only need to contain 0.1% essential oil in order to make the claim.

After doing research I learned that most air fresheners contain four ingredients: formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, aerosol propellants, and p-dichlorobenzene.

Yet, I still LOVED my plug ins and the fact that they left my home smelling wonderful. (You would never know we had a dog!)

That’s when I discovered scent fill.

I’d like to share with you my top five reasons why Scent Fill is the obvious choice for moms.

All Natural Ingredients

I love the fact that Scent Fill’s products are made with 100% natural essential oils (not just 0.1%!). On top of that, though, all of the blends are made right here in the U.S., which means that company has more control over the elimination of phthalates and the reduction of harsh chemicals.

Scent Fill is also the very first company to create plug ins that are 100% all natural!

Natural Plugin Air Freshener Refills

Convenience of Subscription

No matter how much you love the scent of your plug in, we have a tendency not to notice the scent after being around it a while. The big problem with this is that we don’t notice as the smell begins to fade and disappear altogether, which means your refill may have been empty long before you ever noticed.

Scent Fill fixed this problem for me by allowing me to set up a subscription service so I receive my refills right on schedule every month. I can adjust my subscription, swap out products or cancel at any time. Or my personal favorite, the set it and forget it.

Hey, it’s one less thing to think about, am I right?

Made in the US

Let’s face it, it feels good to be able to support a company that makes it products right here in the USA. And as I mentioned earlier, it gives me more confidence about the safety of the product, knowing it’s manufactured here.

The 100% Natural Sanitizing Blend

Do you have rooms in your house that just seem to attract musty odors, like the bathroom or laundry room? Or maybe it’s a teen’s bedroom? I’m willing to bet that we all of those rooms in our house.

Well I absolutely fell in LOVE with the Natural Sanitizing Blend for taking care of those problem areas.

It’s made of 100% natural essential oils of Indian jasmine and French oak moss and blended with Indian peppermint. It’s specifically designed to eliminate odors, rather than just cover them up with perfume. It’s fast to evaporate and typically lasts from 4 to 15 days, depending on the oil warmer setting and humidity. However, it’s shown to have amazing results for eliminating odors even weeks after the oil has evaporated.

Which means you can wave goodbye to those musty bathrooms or teenage bedrooms that smell like feet!

So there you have it, my top five reasons for why I think that this product is such a great fit for busy moms who are interested in the overall health of their families. Scent Fill met all of my needs: convenience, natural ingredients and universal compatibility. I would encourage you to give them a try as well!

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