The Scent Fill Happiness Promise

Hassle Free Returns

Scent is so subjective. What is amazing to one may be terrible for the next. That's why we have our Happiness Promise where you can exchange or return your refills if you are unsatisfied with the scents you receive. We provide a pre-paid return label to exchange or return your refills. Just reach out to and Customer Service will help you exchange or return your refills. The choice is yours.
If you decide you need to exchange we'll do our best to take care of customers and make it right - our philosophy is to deal with you fairly and reasonably with respect and kindness. We believe that when we treat our customers fairly, they, in turn, are fair with us. If you are not delighted with your scented oil refills, contact us at 

Keep in mind our scents do smell differently once warmed. We suggest you try the scent for a day or two. Refills must have at least 50% oil left to be eligible for exchange or return.

  •  It is important that you completely tighten the cap(s) to avoid leakage which may cause your package to not be returned. Use all original protective packing materials when possible to avoid breakage in transit.  No items with missing caps will be accepted and should not be mailed.
  • Free return shipping valid in the US.
  • Product may be returned opened. Returned refill bottles must have over 50% of the product remaining and have original caps to avoid leakage. No products without caps in Ziploc bacs will be accepted. 
  • Returns accepted for up to 90 days 3 times the return period of our competitors.  

      Scent Fill® Happiness Promise 

      • The only 100% natural plug in air freshener refill options with 0% weird chemicals. Our natural refills are 100% plant-based, responsibly harvested, never tested on animals, and cruelty-free.
      • Scent Fill® can be used with Air Wick®.
      • Single orders or subscribe and save 5%. Cancel, pause or change subscription anytime with no commitment.
      • Manufactured and assembled in the US by a small business.
      • Free Shipping above $15 (US). Return anything for any reason. We'll send you a pre-paid shipping label.
          Just remember to always keep your tags and screw-on caps. Whether you want to swap out a scent or need to return or exchange, keeping the tags and caps helps with a smooth transition.
          Bonus: If a friend asks what that amazing smell is you can always remember what's plugged in!

          We understand that fragrance preferences are personal and will vary by individual. We are flexible with returns with the ultimate objective of earning your repeat business. We believe in an open and honest relationship with customers and stand behind our scented oil refills. Our rapid growth is fueled by referrals and repeat customers.

          Check out our new Scent Finder tool. Just click Scent Type at the top menu of our home page. Select your scent preferences and it will help you find the right scent!

          Email us at for return/exchange request and instructions.