About Scent Fill's New Bottle

Scent Fill glass bottle fill level variation infographic
1. Scent Fill's bottle is still compatible with your Air Wick® scented oil warmer, just make sure the Scent Fill® logo on the refill bottle is front facing when plugging in to warmer. Fast burning fragrances like peppermint and eucalyptus may experience fast evaporation or more scent throw.  The Air Wick® warmer is an option if you prefer to continue lower scent throw, longer life of your refill, or if you wish to use it in a small room. The Scent Fill® warmer is recommended when you are looking for more scent throw. In our internal testing, Scent Fill had up to 20% faster evaporation than the Air Wick®. There are environmental considerations like ambient room temperature and humidity, for example, fragrance may evaporate faster in lower humidity. 
2. More wick is now exposed in the "chimney" of the oil warmer. This means more scent  in both the Air Wick® device and the Scent Fill® branded oil warmer. 
More throw on a higher setting = faster evaporation of your oil.
3. The new bottle contains the same 20 ML of fragrance. We precisely fill all our bottles with 20ML of fragrance, the new bottle may appear to have less fragrance and a lower fill level due to the construction of the bottle base.
4. The wick can hold up to 2 ML of fragrance, even if you refill looks empty it can continue to throw fragrance for several days. 


    Scent Fill Generation 2 glass bottle and Scent Fill branded warmer