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100% Natural Plug In Refill In Your Store?

Certified Cruelty-Free
No Harsh Chemicals
100% Natural and Plant-Based Options
Family Owned & Operated in the USA

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  • Fast qualification.
  • The only 100% Natural plugin scented oil refills available.
  • Lines of credit available.
  • Excellent PMU's.
  • Choose from 80 SKU's and starter kits.
  • GS1 registered UPC codes and scannable retail tags. 
  • No Amazon, eBay or marketplace resellers, please.
  • Looking for UK and Canadian distribution partners.
100% Natural Peppermint
100% Natural Lavender
100% Natural Clean Air Blend
Lavender Vanilla Air Freshener Plugin Refill  Air Wick
100% Lavender Vanilla

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Scent Fill® Wins

We win customers back who has left the plug in category. We win NEW customers daily. Our customers are willing to pay a premium for natural alternatives.

Inhale the Good Stuff

Rub N' Smell stickers for point of sale scent profile. Recyclable kraft packaging reveals our signature glass bottle.

5 Retail Ready Boxes

5 scents available with retail kraft boxes. All 80 scents are available for wholesale.


Works with Air Wick® warmers. Currently developing a Scent Fill® branded warmer.

Sell Natural Products?

100% Natural products to add to your shelves.

Rental Property Owners

  • Welcoming scent for your guests.
  • Provide a sense of comfort, joy, or relaxation.
  • Evoke happy feelings and a homey atmosphere in your rental units.
  • Hosting on Airbnb or Vrbo? Stand out with your signature scent.

Business Owners

  • Scent links memory and emotion.
  • Scent can trigger instant emotional connections with customers and can be very effective in boosting sales.
  • Scent can encourage customers to linger and interact with your product.
  • Customers tend to perceive a scented space as being of better quality.
  • Memorable scents cause customers to remember your store.
  • Scent is an economical way to create a modern ambiance.

Natural Store Owners

  • Sell a high quality 100% natural product.
  • Recyclable retail packaging.
  • Made for customers looking for a premium product.
  • Certified cruelty free.

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I Love Scent Fill!

"I have loved every scent I have tried thus far, the Natural Clean Air Blend has to be my favorite. I love that I have finally found a plug in that is toxin-free!! Nothing better than walking in to a fresh smelling home!"
- Kaylie M.