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About Us

We're obsessed with producing a superior product and outstanding customer experience.

We appreciate the opportunity to earn and keep your business.


Scent Fill Headquarters

 Scent Fill's new building in Tampa Bay.

Your decision to purchase from Scent Fill supports small business competing with multi-national, billion-dollar corporations that manufacture products abroad. We're the only manufacturer of scented oil plugins in the US.

Scent Fill started on a belief there is a better way to bring you high quality, universal fit refills. Our refills are made with more essential oils or all natural ingredients than store bought refills. We recognized consumer confusion over refill compatibility between various plug in warmers and made a single universal fit bottle that fits major brand plug in warmers.

And thus, our mission was formed - to bring high quality, universal fit, captivating aromatic scented oil refills to your environment easily, naturally, affordably, and conveniently.


5  Reasons To Try Scent Fill

Free Shipping on US orders over $10

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All Natural Ingredients

Scent Fill’s products are made with all natural essential oils (not just 0.1%!). On top of that, though, all of the blends are made right here in the U.S., which means that company has more control over the elimination of phthalates and reduction of harsh chemicals.

Scent Fill is also the very first company to create plug ins that are 100% all natural!

Scent Fill is the only manufacturer of scented oil refills in the US

We're invested for the long haul, to develop a premium brand with superior ingredients. We're encouraged with feedback from our growing customer base with their satisfaction in the quality, strength of fragrance and longevity of or refills.

Universal Compatibility

Let’s face it, we have a lot going on in our lives, and it’s easy to forget which plug in brand you’re using: Glade or Air Wick or something else altogether.

The great thing about Scent Fill was that you don't need to throw out all of your plug in warmers and start over with something new. The Scent Fill plug in refills are compatible with BOTH Glade and Air Wick scented oil warmers. Finally, a plug in that’s universally compatible!

Convenience of Subscription

No matter how much you love the scent of your plug in, we have a tendency not to notice the scent after being around it a while. The big problem with this is that we don’t notice as the smell begins to fade and disappear altogether, which means your refill may have been empty long before you ever noticed.

Scent Fill fixed this problem by allowing you to set up a subscription service so you receive refills right on schedule, according to how you customize your delivery schedule. You can adjust your subscription, swap out products or cancel at any time. Set it and forget it.

As subscriber to Scent Fill plug in refills, you have complete control and flexibility of your subscription. You can customize which all-natural air fresheners you want and how often they are delivered! Subscribers also receive Scent Fill promotions including 5% off your purchases, free shipping on US orders over $10, updates on new fragrances and many other incentives! Join today and save! Hey, it’s one less thing to think about.

Click here for more details on setting up and managing your subscription.

 If you have any questions, we'd  love to hear from you. Please email us at info@scentfill.com or call us (866) 223-7561.


At Scent Fill, our team members are connected through a common belief and passion for our Core Values:

Commitment to Excellence

We will not compromise quality and attention to detail, even at a higher cost. We are dedicated to using natural ingredients as much as possible, without affecting performance, stability, consistency and shelf life of the product. Our base line of "familiar classics" cost 35% more than developing fragrances with identical ingredients as store bought refills. We prefer more natural content and less fruity chemicals. Based on independent analysis, our All Natural Vanilla Peppermint, Natural Lavender, and All Natural Sanitizing Blend formulations cost approximately 10x that of store brand plug in refills.


 At Scent Fill, we will act with integrity and show respect. We want to demonstrate a commitment to integrity by doing the right thing in all circumstances. We want to treat our customers and stakeholders with kindness and respect to ensure their satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

We are dedicated to satisfying our customers. No detail is overlooked in manufacturing, customer interactions. We pack your shipment in indestructo double wall boxes, assuring your products arriving pristine condition. We believe in respecting our customers, listening to their requests and understanding their expectations. As cliche as it sounds, we genuinely strive to exceed their expectations in affordability, quality and on-time delivery. We're interested in much more than a one-time sale. 

     This product is not manufactured or distributed S.C Johnson, the distributor of Glade ® Plugins ® or Reckitt Benkiser Inc. distributors of Air Wick ®