Creating and managing your plug in refill subscription at - Scent Fill
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Creating and managing your plug in refill subscription at

by Mark Callison February 09, 2017

Creating and managing your plug in refill subscription at

Scent Fill’s subscription management was built with customer ease of use in mind. We want to give you control over delivery frequency, resuming shipments, adding or deleting products, and changing product quantities. Many customers prefer the convenience of subscription, because they unknowingly run out of plug in refills. We have outlined how to create and manage subscriptions in just a few simple steps:

Once you have your refills in you cart and you're ready to checkout go to your shopping cart select "subscribe and save".


Checkout Options

New customers You will be prompted that an account needs to be created and taken to the login screen below.

Existing customers simply enter Email and Password and proceed to payment.

new customer sign up

New Customers "Select New Customer? Sign Up".

Creating an account only takes a minute and will enable you to view order history, get order tracking details and manage your subscription. Account creation is the same information required for a one time checkout except you'll be asked to set up a password.

Next you'll be asked to enter customer information name, address, shipment method and billing information the place your order.

 So now that your subscription is entered how do you make any changes?

Login in to your account. When your successfully logged in your name appear on the top right of screen by the search box.

subscription management

Click the subscription number you want to manage (This example only has one)

 Select the subscription you want to manage by click on order number.


Subscription List

Now you have a list of orders your upcoming subscription.

Skipping and resuming shipments is one click. Under the "Action" column header click "Skip Order" its instantly updated with an option to "Resume Shipment". Changing status back is just one click. No phone call no email you're in control.

Adding and deleting items or changing quantities.

Adding Deleting or changing Plugin Refill quantities

Adjusting quantity and deleting products. In this example I removed the Air Wick warmer and Island essence and increased my cinnamon apple and lavender vanilla quantity from 1 to 2.  Simply press update and the changes are complete.

If you have any additional questions, comments or recommended changes please email us at



Mark Callison
Mark Callison


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