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by Mark Callison
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If you are looking for a way to automatically deodorize your commercial bathroom and want avoid the embarrassment your visitors spraying aerosols after use, there are a couple low maintenance automated solutions to deodorize your bathroom we would like to compare.

Metered Aerosol systems- Metered aerosol deodorizer dispensers are popular choice for deodorizing commercial bathrooms. The metered aerosol dispenser consists of a dispenser, typically mounted to the wall and consumable aerosol refills typically lasting around 30 days. The user programs the frequency of aerosol "sprays" metered by the dispenser base. the user can control the schedule the dispenser will run and the adjust frequency / intervals of the metered sprays. 


Commercial Metered Aerosol Dispenser


  • Coverage area of up to 6,000 cubic feet, making Aerosol dispensers Ideal for larger bathrooms.
  • User has control of schedule and aerosols meter “spray” frequency or dispenser rate.
  • Each Aerosol Refill last around 30 days between changes.
  • Dispenser can be installed out of reach, which may also make changing refill more difficult.
  • Requires little maintenance between changing out aerosol can other that battery change out.


  • Dispenser bases average $32.00
  • Dispenser bases can be complicated to program.
  • Dispenser bases need batteries. User needs to keep backup batteries on hand or system can become in inoperable.
  • Refill cans can be expensive usually $5-$7 each.
  • Battery, consumable (refills) cost +- $7 per month per installed unit.

 Plugin Scented Oil Warmers-

Plug in Scented Oil Warmers  consist of two components the electrical plug /base and the scented oil refill bottle show below..


Types of Scented Oil Warmers

 Air Wick Plug In Scented Oil Warmer with Fragrance Control 

 How Does a plugin scented oil warmer work?

 The Plug in Warmer is plugged into a standard 110 W outlet. It uses very little power, typically only 5 watts. The scented oil that fills the glass refill  base is evaporated upward through a fiberglass wick that is exposed to a ceramic heating element at approximately 150 Degrees Fahrenheit. Plug ins are ideal for smaller bathrooms in restaurants, small business, gas stations or hotels.


  • Inexpensive the Air Wick Scented Oil Warmer sells for $1.50 and refills range from $2.50-$6.00
  • Long continual fragrance- Each refill last between 30-90 days
  • Large selection of scents
  • Use natural essential oils not synthetics
  • No batteries
  • Lower cost of ownership as low as $1.00 per month
  • 100% all natural options
  • Many of our refills contain eucalyptus, peppermint and other natural oils with antiseptic and deodorizing characteristics where aerosols tend to  “cover up” odors with perfumes


  • Scented oil warmers do require an outlet plug. Not all commercial bathrooms have an available outlet plug.
  • While the scented oil warmers do have fragrance control with an adjustable dial, the user does not have the same level of control as an aerosol dispenser
  • Smaller coverage area making plug in’s ideal for up to a 200 SF room.
  • Cannot customize a schedule.

A few factors to consider when deciding how to effectively and automatically deodorize your bathroom.

  • Size of bathroom
  • Availability of an outlet
  • Budget
  • Preference between natural oils and aerosol 

 Visit here for a list of Scent Fill Bathroom Plug In Air Freshener Refills

All Plugin Refills


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