Plug In Diffusers Vs Ultrasonic Diffusers Benefits and Downsides of Each

by Sheena White
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Do you love the aroma and healing benefits that can go hand-in-hand with diffusing essential oils? If you do, you’re certainly not alone. The essential oil market size is expected to reach $11.67 Billion by 2022.


One of the most effective ways to experience the therapeutic benefits of essential oils is through inhalation. And while there are a variety of ways you can diffuse the oil (we covered the majority of them in a previous post) we wanted to do a deep dive comparing ultrasonic diffusers with plug in warmers. 

 What are ultrasonic diffusers?

This style of diffuser is actually one of the most popular with essential oil lovers. It uses water and electronic frequencies to put out a mist of oil and water into the air.

 So how does it work exactly?

 The vibrations are created by a small disk under the surface of the water. Those sound waves agitate the water, causing the water particles to separate and become negatively charged, which makes them lighter than the air. Those particles then release into the air with the visible mist that you see when using a diffuser.

 Benefits of Ultrasonic Diffusers

 So one of the benefits of this style of diffuser is that they use a very small amount of oil, usually just a few drops. This means that though your oil bottles are small, they will last for a long time. Another benefit is that there is no heat used to generate the mist. The problem with heat is that it can change the chemical composition of the oil, which can potentially impact the aroma as well as the therapeutic benefits.

 Downsides of Using Ultrasonic Diffusers

 Because you’re only using a few drops of oil, only a small fraction of the mist is actually essential oil. The majority of the mist is comprised of water particles. And because it’s so heavily diluted, the therapeutic benefits are also watered down.

 Another downside is that most essential oils are not meant to be diffused all day long. Most oil bottles instruct you to diffuse for no more than an hour, three times per day. That means if you’re using it to add continuous fragrance for your house, it probably isn’t the best solution.

 One final consideration is that if you live in an area where the humidity is high, you might not want to add more water to the air.

 What is a Plug In Warmer and How Does It Work?

 Chances are you’ve seen these in the fragrance aisle at the grocery store. They are meant to plug into the wall and absorb fragrance through a fiberglass wick.

 They use five watts of power to heat the ceramic element encased around the wick to approximately 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Though there are different styles, some come with a dial that allows you to control the intensity of the fragrance.

 Benefits of Plug In Warmers

 This style of diffuser allows you to diffuse oil into the air continuously, adding a more lasting fragrance to your home. You don’t have to add any water to it, since the oil comes self-contained. This means it’s easy to use and doesn’t require any cleanup or maintenance.

 Though the longevity of the oil varies, they can last anywhere from three weeks to 90 days. Keeping the intensity dial on the warmer turned to a lower setting will increase the lifespan of your plug in refill.

 Downsides of Plug in Warmers

 The biggest downside of using a plug in warmer is that it contains a heating element, which can impact the therapeutic benefits associated with essential oils.

 Final Thoughts

 There are pros and cons to every style of diffuser. At the end of the day, you have to choose the product that works best for you and your lifestyle, as well as your goals. If you want long-lasting, continuous fragrance for your home and the convenience of just plugging a diffuser into the wall, then the wall plug in is probably the best choice for you. And we, here at Scent Fill, are very proud of the fact that our products contain far more essential oil than the majority of the options available on the market. We are also proud to offer the first 100% all-natural plug in refills.

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