Fathers are Tough! Soften Him with Scent Scent Fill’s 2024 Father’s Day Gift Guide

by Keith Coe
Fathers are Tough! Soften Him with Scent Scent Fill’s 2024 Father’s Day Gift Guide


• Gift of environmental scent is perfect for fathers who are tough to buy for. Smells set and evoke memories and elevate mood, cognition, and sociality.

• Scent Fill’s plug-in air fresheners are an ideal gift for dad. He won’t buy it for himself; it is enduring and enhances his well-being and mood.

• Use Scent Fill’s fragrance wheel to learn more about the notes you can expect with our various families of scents.

• Wisdom Dad needs cognitive support: Try 100% Natural Peppermint.

• Travel Dad needs something exotic: Try sage or rosemary. 

Motorhead Dad need something from nature: Try 100% Natural Glacier.

• Man-cave Dad needs something cleansing: Try ScentDiffuse.

• Romantic Dad needs something spicy and sultry: Try Patchouli.

• Garden Dad needs something green and floral: Try Green Clover & Aloe.

• Grill Dad need something gourmand yet primal: Try Bonfire.


And Now... Gifts For Dad


Remember bringing home that glittery art project from elementary school to give your dad on Father’s Day? It was some variation on a photo with a lace frame held together with too much glue and probably still a storage box in his garage. In his eyes, it represents the pinnacle of your gift giving and it is all that he has ever wanted from you (except your undying affection). But it might be hard to pull off now at your age. Fathers are tough, we know. However, environmental scent is a simple gift idea, yet profound in its application.

You want a personalized Father’s Day gift, so we wrote this Father’s Day gift guide. You’ll never get back to a doily photo we know, but you can still elevate his mood, touch deeply held memories that he loves, enhance his perception of life, engage his sociality, and support his well-being. You want a unique gift, we understand. No kidding about this: Engaging his sense of smell will help you check those boxes. It makes a great gift. Scent proves that you get him.

Science and research have only recently begun to understand that our sense of smell is robust. According to a recent report published by Rutgers University, smell is “much more important than we think. It strongly influences human behavior, elicits memories and emotions, and shapes perceptions. Our sense of smell plays a major, sometimes unconscious, role in how we perceive and interact with others.” Smells are powerful. They shape perceptions. They have staying power.

And as we age (like your father) smells can bring things to our perception that have become more important and even allusive. Brain stimulation through the sense of smell is a crucial touchstone of health. It is a way to maintain a feeling of connection across distance. It can even cut through the fog of dementia (read more about that here if you are interested). Elevating his environmental scent will touch your father deeply in ways he won’t expect. Scent Fill all natural plug-in air fresheners are a powerful gift choice. Make this Father’s Day gift usable, sustainable, and enduring.


A Bit About Us and Our Gift Giving Credibility

Scent Fill is the first and perhaps only air freshener company with products that have your well-being in mind. We offer air freshener plug-in products that are 100% natural and plant derived. Not one of our plug-in air fresheners has a harsh chemical or something detrimental to you or your indoor environment. All our scents are certified by Leaping Bunny to be cruelty-free. We hope to earn your trust and will honor and protect it.

Integrity of product is our mantra. We make these claims with well-placed, and science-backed confidence. Our industry position gives us standing to discuss olfactory health, the impact aroma has on wellness and its connection to emotional and physical health. Learn more about us and our products here.

Also, we invite you to look at the Scent Fill’s classification wheel. It will show you the families of scents that we offer, and the fragrance notes you can expect from each. A useful tool for gift givers, promise. And we can fill that last minute gift for procrastinators.

Ok! Let’s Find Your Dad

Your father is a composite of many different traits, personality, and likes. We have identified a few fatherly personalities and think you might see your dad in here somewhere. At the outset, you might think about a few things to get you in a dad frame of mind. Maybe try to describe his perfect vacation. What does he do when he doesn’t need to do anything? What are the memories make up your family lore? What is his favorite meal? What does he sip? What does he gulp? When happiest, is he outside or inside? You know ... try to capture a solid picture of him.

Let’s see which of these dad architypes might fit:

Scent Fill_Father's Day Blog_Wisdom Dad Image

Wisdom Dad: He has a lot of experience and can speak to so much of human existence. Sometimes that’s just what your need to hear. And sometimes it's a lot. When he says: “I remember one time …” you know a one-sided dialogue is coming. The only question is how long the journey will be. But admit it … you know your dad best through his shared wisdom. Think of it as an expression of love.

We recommend that you embrace the dad wisdom and enhance his awareness and cognition something from our Herbal and Mint Collection. Perhaps Peppermint or Eucalyptus Spearmint, which has long been thought to support mental acuity, cognition, and stress relief. Palo Santo is also a terrific environmental scent for wisdom dads. This is a particular interesting gift idea from a daughter that shows how well she knows and appreciates him. It's an ageless and timeless gift, like he is.

100% Natural peppermint plug in refill 2 pck Eucalyptus Spearmint Air freshener with warmer

Scent Fill_Father's Day Blog_ Travel Dad

Travel Dad: A living and breathing embodiment of a Johnny Cash song, Travel Dad has been everywhere, man. Taking a business trip soon? Ask travel dad, he’s been there. His recommendations might be a little out of date, but he’ll know where the best burger can be found. And he’ll give you directions. Heck, my travel dad once told me where to find the best street food grilled octopus in Turkey when I merely had a layover at Istanbul International. Travel dad can help keep you safe. His advice, while perhaps unsolicited, will be worth holding on to.

Travel dad walks on the edge. He’s unafraid and unapologetic about his place in the world. He embraces the exotic. We recommend something that reminds him of the road. Perhaps something in our camphoraceous family, like basil, sage, tee tree, and rosemary. Remind him of smells and experiences in exotic places and put a smile on his face.

Clary Sage & Lavender natural air freshener Natural Minty Rosemary Air freshener 100% Natural Cucumber and Basil air freshener


Scent Fill_Father's Day Blog_ Motorhead Dad

Motorhead Dad:  If you were fortunate, your dad was best in the garage.  If your needed to talk or even just commune with him, you knew where to find him.  Motorhead dad does his best parenting with a wrench and screwdriver.  He can analogize any human condition to the parts of a car.  Motorhead dad doesn’t just share … you got to work for it.  It might just be to hand him a tool or hold the light just right.  But more likely it's going to get grease under your fingernails.  But listen carefully.  He won’t repeat himself.  And who doesn’t love a muscle car.

Contrary to his greasy condition, we think motorhead dad needs something clean in the garage.  Perhaps a scent from Scent Fill’s ozonic class of products.  Rainfall, sea breeze, ocean minerals, or glacier.  A direct counterbalance to the machine shop he plays in.  He’ll respond to it, we are sure.  It is oil after all.

Oakmoss natural plug in refill

Scent Fill_Father's Day Blog_ Mancave Dad


Man-Cave Dad, AKA Superfan: Home theater affectionate, beer connoisseur, superhuman WIFI extender, amateur turntable DJ, and, most of all a superfan. You know this dad well. His cave art and his design ethic could be a set on SNL, but the space is oddly comfortable, homey, welcoming, and peaceful (except on game day!)
For superfan dad in his man-cave conversation is a team sport. He wants people to surround him. A locker room environment brings out his best. Superfan dad is not an introvert.

But isn’t it obvious? The air down there needs cleansing. Man-cave dad and his people can ripen like a teenager. We think something from our ScentDiffuse line of products. Each is a unique product that combines with malodors to render them undetectable. Read more about the magic of ScentDiffuse here. Superfan Man-Cave Dad can have a fresh domain and a clean air environment. Even if his dog lives there. Even if he smokes. Even if it's a cigar.

By the way … ScentDiffuse makes a perfect gift for new dads, too. Different reasons, of course, but new dads have their own set of new smells to deal with, right?

 Malodor Air Freshener ScentDiffuse Non Toxic odor remover ScentDiffuse by Scent Fill Smoke Away Malodor remover air freshener plug in ScentDiffuse by Scent Fill Malodor remover air freshener plug in


Scent Fill_Father's Day Blog_Romantic Dad


Romantic Dad: Don’t be squeamish about it; Romantic Dad lives for your mom’s “attention.” Wink, wink, nod, nod. You should be proud of him and hope to achieve the same level of enduring romance in your prime relationship. It's a great way live. Romance Dad is full of life. He earns it every-damn-day. If he can make her happy, the everything else will work out. Thank him for his example. Be grateful that you have witnessed true love. Aspire to it. Respect it.

Help him spice it up. We think something from Scent Fill’s spice family of air freshener plug-ins. It's not cliché. It's consistent with his desire and personal feelings. Warm, sultry, deep and heady. Maybe patchouli, incense, or our relax blend. Both parents will thank you.

Scent Fill 100% Natural Patchouli Spa Starter Kit
Nag Champa plug in refill air freshener natural ingredients 2 refills and a diffuser
Natural Relax Blend - Natural Air Freshener Starter Kit 2 refill and a warmer
Scent Fill_Father's Day Blog_Garden Dad


Garden Dad: He loves the feeling of earth between his fingers. The texture and smell of the fecund soil of his garden is a happy place. Garden Dad makes no allowance for weed growth. It's against his competitive nature. His garden is all about beauty and production. There aren’t many personal philosophies better than the law of the harvest. Garden Dad taught you about delayed personal gratification. He knows that there is not a thing worth having that is available without work. He warned you off your search for easy street. Thank him for lessons from the garden.

Another easy gift recommendation. Bring his happy place indoors. Scent Fill has two lines of products for Garden Dad: Floral and Green. These notes sound like him, right? Lively, fresh, cut grass, flowery, gardenia, rose, foliage, and moss. You can’t miss with this one.

Natural Air Freshener Sweet Rose & Basil
Scent Fill_Father's Day Blog_Grill Dad


Grill Dad: He needs an open flame and a good cut of beef. It's primal for him. An open fire and dripping fat awaken the best in him. It’s refined technique, good tools, and better meat. It’s about felt sense and touch. Patience and timing. There is so much going on when Grill Dad is in the zone. More than anything, Grill Dad needs to share. He needs no excuse for a party; lighting his grill is plenty. Lean close to grill dad, he’ll teach you to be quick but not hurry. To own your craft. To be stoic. Grill Dad doesn’t whine. And the benefits are exceptional.

Bring the gourmand inside. Create a grill environment without the smoke. Scent Fill’s gourmand line of products is just the ticket. Notes that include edible, savory, coffee, and other foods. Bonfire and Coffee House feel like the right choices.

Coffee House Natural Plug in Refill Air Freshener Starter Kit
Scent Fill Air Freshener Plug in refill Stroopwafel

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