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by Mark Callison
2017 Plugin GLade Air Wick Scents

The home freshener market is fragmented with steady growth across all product categories. Scented oils (21%) is expected to increase in popularity as a result of the oiling trend that is emerging. “Oiling” refers to those who use essential oils to protect and treat their ailments rather than using traditional medicines. Essential oils are commonly used in aromatherapy, which presents an opportunity for growth in plugin scented oil warmers.

Growth Air Freshener Market Segment growth 2017
Formats of Air Care

Spray aerosol products- Aerosols are a frequent choice for odor elimination, value and convenience, with little association with health and wellness safety or longevity.

Scented Candles- Candles have visual appeal and long lasting fragrance. However, the disadvantages of scented candles are the soot disposition that can discolor paint and interior furnishings. Another common concern with scented candles is the obvious fire hazard which requires close supervision.

Scented Oils- Scented oils often delivered by Plugin oil warmers such as glade and Air Wick have traditionally not had a strong association with health and wellness. One reason for this lack of alignment is the low content of natural essential oils in store brands. Plug in refills sold in national retailers often have as little as .1% natural essential oils, yet are still able to make the claim that they “contain natural essential oils”. In an effort to reduce cost, store brands have reduced natural essential oil content. One of the key considerations for Scent Fill™ was to develop fragrances with as much natural essential oil content as possible. All of our Plug in refills contain at least two natural essential oils. Based on laboratory analysis of ingredients, some of our fragrance cost is up to 10-12 times the cost that of store brands. This explains why our refills are as much as $6.50 our fragrance & material COST is $3.00 per 20 ML bottle in some of our refills.



Essential Oil Ionic Diffuser illustration


Essential oils are frequently used in ionic diffusers shown above. The consumer will use a dropper to add concentrated essential oils, usually in distilled water. The diffuser breaks down essential oils into negative ions carried by water as a "mist" into the air similar to a nebulizer. The ionic diffuser produces a high quality customized fragrance to the consumer's preference, i.e. favorite essential oils. Diffusers fragrance typically last from 2-5 hours compared to 30-90 days in a plug in warmer. Plugin warmers are strongly associated with long lasting fragrance from consumers.

In the past, opportunists have unfairly claimed scented warmers pose a fire hazard. Such claims were made against Glade®, makers of Plugin® warmers were disqualified by snopes among others. All plug in warmers we evaluated work on approximately 5 watts and heat a ceramic element to 150 degrees Fahrenheit which is safe to touch.

The scented oil electric plug in market has been dominated by several large brand leaders.

Plugin Scented Oil Market Share Chart 2017 By Manufacturer

Uses and Benefits

Eliminating Odors is one of the main reasons consumers purchase air freshener products. In the U.S., aerosols and car air fresheners are commonly associated with odor elimination. Scented oil warmers have not typically had much alignment for odor elimination with consumers. Plugin Scented oil warmers typically use perfume to cover odor and have little antiseptic and sanitizing qualities. We set out to create the first scented oil refill with emphasis on sanitizing and odor elimination as opposed to covering odors with perfume with the 100% Natural Sanitizing Blend Refill for Glade and Airwick. 

Seasonality Trends in Air Care Market

Seasonally driven sales. As much as 35% of scented air care products are sold in the 4th quarter driven by the holidays. Emerging trends show that many seasons and holidays throughout the year are tied to varieties of candles, solids, wax melts, aerosols, plugin refills, and car air fresheners. Yankee Candle® is a good example of seasonally driven fragrances for Valentine’s day, St Patrick’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween / Fall with the ubiquitous pumpkin varieties and of course the Christmas season associated with scents of Balsam, Frankincense, cinnamon, cloves, peppermint and pine.

Gourmand Fragrances– Consumers are often polarized with gourmand or food-based fragrances. It’s a love hate thing. Many consumers claim food scents increase appetite that they prefer to keep in check. Cinnamon rolls, apple pies, hot cocoa, gingerbread, Cranberry plum and lattes are all popular scents. A consumer favorite of Scent Fill's is the Vanilla Peppermint Refill for Air wick and Glade This is the only all natural Gourand fragrance refill on the market.

Spring & Summer Scents Colorful and exotic flowers and white florals dominate the scene: big, bright & beautiful. Cherry Blossom, Cedar Flower Bomb,Tropical Essence Airwick glade refills with citrus notes are exotic and enticing. Citus combinations with a flavorful zest are a popular ion the spring and summer. Natural Lavender refills are synonymous with spring and summer.

Natural Lavender Plug in Refill

Fantasy scents evolve with fabric inspiration and airy, aqueous elements that remind consumers of the fresh outdoors. Common scents include fresh linen, cotton, silk, wind, mountain air, sweet pea, pomegranate verbena, Starry Night water, dew and rain. 

Cooling citrus and watery elements
Botanicals drive the naturals theme with earthy essentials of sage, lemongrass, verbena. Seaside themes and minerals are commonly used to soothe and refresh.

Next, we will introduce you to the olfactive mapping which will help you determine which group or family of scents are best suited for your personal preference.

Scent Fill Plugin Refills

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