What We’ve Learned About 100% Natural Plug in Air Freshener Refills and Want to Share With You

by Mark Callison
Natural Plug in Air Fresheners - What you need to know


The pure, fresh scent that these little bottles bring into your personal space is noticeable on first sniff.  When you warm them in the wall unit – you’ll see more and more why 100% Natural plug in refills are storming the consumer market.  Did you know that Scent Fill is the ONLY company on the GLOBAL MARKET to offer 100% Natural scented oil plug in refills?  That’s right.  We are the one-and-only manufacturer that has cracked the 100% Natural code!


First To Market 100% Natural Plug In Air Fresheners 


Color Differences in Natural and Synthetic Plug in Air Fresheners -No Chemicals  or Dyes


No Colors or dyes. You likely guessed B is 100% Natural 

As the first 100% Natural scented oil plug in refill producer in the world, we’ve learned a bunch of stuff on our journey – the first of which is that if it was easy, everybody would be doing it.  

 Fragrance Notes

We learned that essential oil top notes (or headnotes) evaporate first.  Top notes are the top layer of the scent, or that which your nose detects first.  These are scents such as citrus (orange, lemon, etc.) and florals (lavender, rose, etc.). 


Then the mid notes (aka heart notes) burn.  Mid notes, or heart notes, are balancing scents that form the “heart” of the blend.  Because they are pushing up through the wick with (or slightly behind) the top notes, they tend to blend subtly with the top notes, developing and maturing the scent.


While the oil evaporates, the heavier base notes push themselves up into the mid and top layers, working their way slowly into the wick.  Base notes are often oils that do not evaporate well by themselves.  Instead, they ride the coattails of the mid and top notes on their way up the wick and into the air.  This means that, once the top and mid notes have burned off, any base notes that have not caught a ride out of the bottle may settle in the bottom.  With natural refills, it is common to have a little liquid left in the bottom when its time to replace.  Those are the heavier base notes that didn’t catch a ride through the wick.


It is this dance in the essential oil ecosystem that makes it difficult to judge a scent by simply smelling the unheated wick – many of the scents settle into their intended scent profile only after being plugged in for a few days.  That’s why we here at Scent Fill stand by our robust Happiness Promise – just save your caps and we’ll happily exchange or refund any scent that you are unhappy with, and even work with you to help you find what’s right for your home or office.

Pros and Cons of Natural Air Fresheners 

Because we are the first and only, we need to let our customers know that 100% Naturals don’t necessarily behave the same as store-bought synthetics.  Here are some things we learned that you can expect:

 Why do some Natural Scents Change Color?

*Certain natural elements change color when exposed to oxygen, and your refill (or wick) could darken and even turn brown or reddish.  This has nothing to do with efficacy and can happen with certain blends. 

 Natural Can Be More Expensive

*The price-per-pound of natural elements (lavender, peppermint, vanilla, etc.) can vary in extremes.  Our crops vary from Oregon to India, and we are committed to responsibility harvesting and sourcing.  This means that the cost of Naturals can be up to 7x that of their synthetic competitors.  Premium Products are not for everybody, but we are happy to offer Premium Products to those who seek them.

 Considering Refilling you Own Plug ins DIY ? Some Things to Consider...

*DIY is risky and largely unsuccessful.  While we have much respect for you DIYers out there, we’ve heard story after story of why it’s just not worth it.  Not only do store-bought essential oils often have an inappropriate flash point to evaporate correctly, warming them in a wall unit made DIY can be hazardous.  We have worked with top perfumers in the country for four years, tested thousands of formulations, and still have a limited number of 100% Natural products to offer – each of them failed various testing metrics throughout the process until we got it just right.


*100% Natural products, largely due to their limited ingredient composition, tend to keep a consistent scent profile from beginning to end of the life of the refill.  Synthetic blends have a tendency to change their scent throughout the life of the product.

 Scent Preferences Are Highly Personals - Your Nose Knows

*Personal preference is paramount.  That little olfactory system can be a tricky bugger… turns out they’re like snowflakes – no two are the same!  You can imagine how challenging that can be for us… What is too strong for one person, is too weak for another.  What smells like heaven for one person is offensive to another person.  All our products go through a rigorous testing process and we get as many noses as possible on our scents before they get green-lit for production.  But our obsession with customer service remains in the foreground – if you are not satisfied for any reason, just save your caps and rely on that Happiness Promise to make it right!

 What Scent Fill Customers are Saying...

Over the 4 years Scent Fill has been making the world smell better, we have amassed an almost cult-like following, with enthusiastic, satisfied customers evangelizing our brand far and wide.  We take great pride in our Scent Fill Tribe.  But don’t take our word for it – check out what some of our faithful folks have to say!


Margaret S. says:


I absolutely adore these all natural scents. I have discarded all my candles and all other plug-ins after finding these. My favorite scent is Peppermint, it is very fresh and clean. Truly smells like peppermint I love it! Whenever I have guests they immediately ask where they can get theirs. I get many compliments. I’ve also had other scents and I guess because they are all natural they all smell so wonderful. I’m so happy to have finally found a all natural plug in. Thank you Scent Fill you’ve gained a customer for life!

Kathryn S. says:

 Wanting a clean scent to start the new year after heavier, spiced-based holiday fragrance we’d had in our home, thought I’d try Eucalyptus. My daughter immediately asked to use it in her bedroom saying “it reminds me of the Disneyland ride ‘Soaring Over California!’” I think what she meant by that was it smelled naturally fresh and clean, not perfume-y or artificial. And I have to agree; all the way down to the very end of this refill, it was perfectly true, pure eucalyptus with a bit of sea spray/spa vibe. Highly recommend!

 And Suze B. says:

 I love the Natural Lavender plug-in -- I initially bought some for the bedroom, but now I'm using one in my home office as well. The scent is so soothing and (unlike commercial 'lavender-scented' plug-ins) it smells like real lavender flowers. I'm so glad I discovered Scent Fill!


We’ve learned that 100% Natural plug in refills are a completely neglected market, and the demand is huge.  Once you try them, you’ll see why, too.



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