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The scent of productivity in the workplace -

by Mark Callison February 01, 2017

The scent of productivity in the workplace -

 Have you ever considered olfactory perks for your team or co-workers? It would be a relatively inexpensive. According to aroma therapist and researchers it could relax, energize, invigorate, help with mental concentration and even reduce fatigue for employees.

For example, peppermint oil is a natural stimulant believed by many to elevate energy levels and mood. For less than $5.00 you could invigorate your co-workers with peppermint scented oil . Aroma has an effect on mood and how people feel. If your employees feel good, they will likely perform and think better. 

Some of the holistic minded community gives merit to peppermint and lavender airwick and glade refills for easing respiratory symptoms associated cold symptoms, cough and congestion. It might be a good idea to keep some peppermint fragrance and {sanitizing air freshener} on hand for cold season.

You should also consider varying preferences and taste of individuals. What’s too weak to one person is too strong to another. Some like sweet aromas and others prefer floral fragrances. You might consider surveying a department, area of cubicles or production area for preferences and gather a consensus. Make it fun, let a team decide and pick their fragrance as a team building activity.

While there are ancient beliefs there are benefits to aromatherapy, others warn of ethical issues with employers manipulating workers with “mind-altering” aromatherapy. In addition to employee work areas, consider your lobby or customer waiting area. Imagine the first impression or sense of well-being a clean fragrant waiting area or lobby could have.

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Mark Callison
Mark Callison


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