Scent Fill's Guide For The Hard To Buy For - 100% Natural Fragrance Gifts for Less Than $25

by Mark Callison
Scent Fill's Guide For The Hard To Buy For - 100% Natural Fragrance Gifts for Less Than $25

You probably have holiday gifts for the crucial folks on your list all researched and planned if not purchased and hidden.  But what about those tough to find gifts for the bigger personalities or more remote people in your village. We at Scent Fill have some ideas ….  

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Crunchy Granola All-Natural Mom


You know her … she’s the one with impossibly high standards and strict health and wellness regimen.  Yoga when the kids are in school.   Meditation after a vegan lunch.  A hard no to fillers, dyes, and unpronounceable chemicals in, well, anything. 

Surprise her with a starter kit with a diffuser and three customizable 100% natural scents.  Three scents made from essential oils … breathing them is aroma therapy.  Feels to us like Lavender, so she can finally rest … Palo Santo for cleansing her space … and Cucumber Basil like the water at the yoga studio.  All terrific choices. 


Lavender Kit Natural Gift for Mom
Palo Santo Natural plug in refill gift Natural Plug in Refill Cucumber & Basil Gift for Mom


Huberman Devotee Dad


He’s going to live forever with virility and brainpower.  And yes, he can be an obnoxious know-it-all with so many freely given neuro-suggestions.  And what a boor at dinner parties when he has already reached his one-glass-of-wine limit before he even arrived.  He means well, and his motivations are pure.  Let’s cut him some slack.

He needs a starter pack with diffuser and three 100% natural scents.  Be careful, he’ll research these scents to be sure they are Huberman-esq.  We’ve done that for you and recommend Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Spearmint Eucalyptus.  A bit one-note, we know, but all good for brain power, focus, and pain relief. 


Scent Fill Gift Guide_Peppermint_Huberman Dad Scent Fill Gift Guide_Eucalyptus_Huberman Dad Scent Fill Gift Guide_Eucalyptus Spearmint_Huberman Dad


Adulting Avoidant Gamer


All he/she truly wants is to be left alone in a darkened room with wicked fast wi-fi.  But they need to breathe fresh air, run a bit, and ground their feet in some dirt.  A bit of sunshine or rain on their faces wouldn’t hurt, either.  Baby steps are best.  First maybe get used to the smell of nature, right?! 


We think Juniper Woods might work.  Or try Green Clover and Aloe.  And maybe if you throw in some Fresh Linen, they’ll want to change the sheets. But in ALL CASES (we didn’t mean to shout, but this is important) something from the Scent Diffuse line, our natural malodor deodorizers.  Please! you’ll have to plug it in for them, so it doesn’t just sit on the gaming console. 


Scent Fill Gift Guide_Juniper Woods_Gamer
Scent Fill Gift Guide_Green Clover Aloe_Gamer
Scent Fill Gift Guide_Fresh Linen_Gamer
 BONUS:Scent Fill Gift Guide_Scent Diffuse_Gamer


The Aggressive Professional


We get it … you’ve paid them way more than you budgeted already. A holiday remembrance might seem like black mail, but let’s keep your professionals happy and thinking about you. Whom, you ask?  Think accountant, doctor, clergyman, life coach, therapist, chiropractor, masseuse, interior designer, shaman, or lawyer (ok, maybe we’ve gone too far now). Do any of their offices smell inviting? Do you ever mistake them for a day spa?  Well … maybe you should.


How about plugging them in with Patchouli Spa, Ocean Minerals, or Green Tea … and tell them to lighten up and smile.  Who knows!  Maybe they’ll start offering chair massages in the waiting lobby.


Scent Fill Gift Guide_Patchouli Spa_Professional Scent Fill Gift Guide_Ocean Mineral_Professional Scent Fill Gift Guide_Green Tea_Professional


The Indispensable Service Fellas


Yes, we agree with your initial thought … cash is king here no doubt.  But how about adding a little something that says:  I thought about you when I ordered this.  These folks work hard. Sore muscles hard.  Aching feet hard. It gives me a headache just thinking about it. So, let’s celebrate the

Scent Fill's Holiday Natural Home Fragrance Gift Guide


Something restful we think.  Sleep supporting.  Soothing and calming.  We think Clary Sage and Lavender, for sure.  Make sure they get home before plugging in … this is powerful stuff. Or go with our best seller Peppermint! you can't go wrong with a classic, clean, fresh scent. And BONUS it comes in a starter kit too!


Scent Fil Gift Guide_Clary Sage & Lavender_Indispensable Service People Peppermint Start Kit best seller perfect for a gift


Enjoy the Holidays and remember to order for your house, too. 

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