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by Mark Callison
Air Freshener Aisle Store

There can be an overwhelming selection of plug in refills and warmers at your local big box retailer. When you finally make your selection then return to your home or office, you may find the refill you purchased doesn’t fit your brand warmer. Unless you’ve purchased a Universal Fit plug in refill your options are return to the store, wait in line to make a return, select another refill or warmer, scan at the self-service checkout and hope you don’t get a frustrating error to “you have an unrecognized item in the bagging area” while you wait for an attendant. Sounds like fun?

It shouldn’t be this difficult.

We’d like to clear the air (no pun intended) on the compatibility of refills between Glade® and Air Wick® scented oil warmers. Each warmer is independently designed. Needless to say, competitor friendly products are not in the design plan. Each warmer is mechanically designed to lock the refill in place and precisely align refill wick to the heating element, so that heating evaporation can occur. Without heating the wick, the fragrance is not produced. We will illustrate pictorially below in various combinations.

From Left to Right New Air Previous Air Wick and Glade Warmer

From right to left new Air Wick , previous Air Wick, and Glade with Scent Fill universal fit refill.


Does the Air Wick ® Refill work in Glade®?

Answer:  No

Glade Warmer with Air Wick bottle


The Air Wick® refill bottle is too wide and will not lock into place. The wick is not long enough to reach the heating element.

 Does the Glade refill fit either the Old or new Air Wick ®Warmer?

Answer: No


 New Air Wick Warmer with Glade refill

The wick is too elongated forcing the bottle in an angle. Again, the refill will not click into place or align wick with the heating element

At Scent Fill we like to make the complicated easy so we’ve taken the guesswork out of purchasing refills. Our refills fit Scent Fill® and Air Wick® plug in warmers.


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