• 100% Natural Orange Blossom Plug in Refill Air Freshener Starter Kit 2 Refills and a Diffuser
  • 100% Natural Orange Blossom Plug in Refill Air Freshener plugged into a diffuser

100% Natural Orange Blossom




Starter kit includes 2 100% Natural Orange Blossom refills + diffuser. This beautiful floral scent is composed primarily of orange flower water absolute, orange peel oil sweet, neroli oil, and jasmine oil with other essential oils and natural fragrance essences. 

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Scent Type

Fragranced With

Made with citrus peel oil, geranium oil, citral citrus isolate fragrance oil, bergamot, Euganmol from clove, and or cinnamon bark oil, Benzyl acetate from Jasmine. .

Product Features
  • This natural plug in refill should be used on a lower warmer dial setting due to the strong scent throw. We do not add synthetic ingredients to slow evaporation. You should experience ~12 days of continuous fragrance.

  • 100% natural ingredients. Comprised only of aromatic natural raw materials as defined by ISO 9235:2013, published by the International Organization for Standardization.
  • No artificial additives or enhancements (coloring, dyes, etc.).
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  • Why do our natural scents cost more? Natural Fragrance cost more than synthetic fragrance – a lot more - up to 9 times more than synthetic. Store bought Plug in refills contain up to 99.9% synthetic ingredients and solvents.
5 Reasons Scent Fill may cost more than store-bought synthetic alternatives

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Diffuser Compatibility

For optimal performance of your Scent Fill® scented oil refill, we recommend our Scent Fill® scented oil warmers.

Scent Fill vs Air Wick warmer comparisonScent Fill vs Air Wick warmer comparison
Certified Cruelty-Free

Certified Cruelty-Free

No Harsh Chemicals

No Harsh Chemicals

Family Owned  & Operated in the USA

Family Owned & Operated in the USA

100% Natural and Plant-Based

100% Natural and Plant-Based

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