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100% Natural Peppermint Plug in Refill- Fits Most Warmers Glade Air Wick and More

Our best seller for good reason. The cool, refreshing effect of peppermint energizes your room any time of year. A favorite for customers sensitive to synthetic perfumes, with allergies and or respiratory problems. Studies at the Sense of Smell Institute confirm peppermint has mood elevating properties. This all natural scent is also a favorite for the work place. According to the Wheeling Jesuit Institute, Peppermint can have a positive effect on cognitive function.

    Products Features: 

    • Made with 100% natural peppermint essential oil.
    • Keep your rooms smelling crisp and clean.
    • Common uses include bathrooms, energizing work places
    • Can ward off airborne viruses.
    • A allergy season favorite.
    • Perfect for the cold season, peppermint contains menthol which can help relieve many respiratory problems,clear nasal congestion, asthma, bronchitis, cough, and even the common cold.
    • Peppermint may help with nausea.
    • No artificial color or dyes.
    • The scent of peppermint is intolerable to insects natural peppermint can be used for insect control.  
    • Can be used in workplace for mental clarity, energy, alertness, stress reduction and concentration.
    • Frequently used in senior living and child care facilities for deodorizing. 
    • Fragrance developed and manufactured in the USA.
    • Can be used with Air Wick, Glade, renuzit, and many other  plug-in air fresheners.
    • Comprised entirely of natural ingredients
    • Natural refills the last between 10 and 45 days. Please keep in mind, the evaporation rate cannot be manipulated or controlled with the use of synthetic ingredients like store-bought refills.
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    Not compatible with Bath & Body Works® Wallflowers™ and Yankee Candle® ScentPlug™ 
    This product is not manufactured or distributed S.C Johnson, the distributor of Glade ® Plugins ®  or Reckitt Benkiser Inc. distributors of  Airwick® .Scent Fill™products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or illness.

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