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Coffee House




Introducing Coffee House, our NEWEST scent where the rich essence of freshly brewed coffee meets warmth and coziness. This captivating scent creates a cozy ambiance and transports you to the heart of your favorite coffee shop, where the comforting aroma of coffee mingles with the laughter of friends and the soft hum of conversation. People have said they smell notes of vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch, adding an extra layer of indulgence to the warmth, richness, and comfort of Coffee House – because life is too short for ordinary scents. Bring the essence of your favorite coffee spot to your space wherever you "plug in".


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Scent Type

Fragranced With
Made with 100% natural essential oils. Contains oils from Vanilla and Indian Peppermint Oil.
Product Features
  • This natural plug in refill should be used on a lower warmer dial setting due to the strong scent throw.
  • No artificial additives or enhancements (coloring, dyes, etc.).
  • Developed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Product # FBK337
  • Disclaimer
Diffuser Compatibility

For optimal performance of your Scent Fill® scented oil refill, we recommend our Scent Fill® scented oil warmers.

Scent Fill vs Air Wick warmer comparisonScent Fill vs Air Wick warmer comparison
Certified Cruelty-Free

Certified Cruelty-Free

No Harsh Chemicals

No Harsh Chemicals

Family Owned  & Operated in the USA

Family Owned & Operated in the USA

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