• Fraser & Balsam natural air freshener starter kit 2 refills and a warmer
  • Natural Fraser and Balsam plug in refill plugged into wall warmer

Fraser Fir Balsam Pine




Starter kit includes 2 Fraser Fir Balsam Pine refills + diffuser. Transform your home into a fir forest and infuse the air with pine needles.  Although this scent is refreshing and festive in any season, it is a great compliment to your Christmas trimmings. Sweet Fraser For Balsam is a traditional pine scent with woodsy notes.  Our blend combines sweet and earthy pine notes closer to the spring and summertime scent of fir and balsam pines, and fresh green grass with flourishing plant growth.

Scent Type

Fragranced With
Essential oils and fragrance isolates from balsam fir, fir needle, and patchouli.
Product Features
  • Made with 100% natural essential oils.
  • No artificial color or dyes.
  • Enhance the ambiance of your artificial Christmas tree with a natural pine scent.
  • Developed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Product FBK217
  • Disclaimer
Diffuser Compatibility

For optimal performance of your Scent Fill® scented oil refill, we recommend Air Wick® scented oil warmers.

Scent Fill vs Air Wick warmer comparisonScent Fill vs Air Wick warmer comparison
Certified Cruelty-Free

Certified Cruelty-Free

No Harsh Chemicals

No Harsh Chemicals

Family Owned  & Operated in the USA

Family Owned & Operated in the USA

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