5 Most Interesting Uses for Your Plug in Air Freshener

by Sheena White
5 Uses Plugin Refills

We often hear from customers how and where they’re using their plug in air fresheners. For example, customers love using our Relax Blend in the bedroom since the lavender can help soothe their minds at night. Others love using the Sanitizing Blend in bathrooms or near little boxes, not to cover up the smell, but to actually eliminate it.

But every now and then we hear from customers who are using our products in new and unexpected ways. Since those ideas are all new to us, we thought that perhaps you, our customers, could benefit from a few new ideas as well!

So here it goes, our five most unique and interesting uses for your plug in air freshener.

1. Child care centers.

We love kids, but let’s face it, with the ever-present lingering scent of dirty diapers, day cares can smell REALLY BAD.

That’s why the owners of many child care centers are choosing to mask the smell with major name brand plug in air fresheners. However, more and more parents are expressing concerns about the chemicals in those products and the potential for allergic reactions.

When a concerned mom reached out to us, asking for recommendations, we suggested our all-natural peppermint. We haven’t received any reports of allergic reactions to the product and it’s been known to raise energy levels and stimulate learning.

Note: Please be careful to keep these products out of the reach of small children.

2. Senior assisted living facilities.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from child care centers we have senior assisted living facilities. If you’ve ever been inside one, and most of us have, you’ll know that they reek of urine and cheap perfume.

The all-natural peppermint plug in would be a great choice here, as well.

3. Public bathrooms.

I can’t recall a time I ever lingered in a public restroom. Let’s face it, most of them either smell unpleasant or they smell like they’ve been doused with a heavy dose of chemicals.

One of our customers, however, wanted to overcome that stigma.

He owns a Peterbuilt truck location and is using the Sanitizing Blend in the bathrooms as a healthier alternative to the time-released aerosol deodorizers that you traditionally see in public restrooms. The Sanitizing Blend is designed to actually eliminate any unpleasant odors and is 100% all-natural.

4. Gyms.

Let’s be real, most people go to the gym with the intention of sweating (or at least they do if they plan to get in a good workout). And while that’s great for their health, it doesn’t do much to help the unpleasant odor that gym-goers can leave behind in their wake. (This is especially true in non-air-conditioned spaces.)

If you’re a gym owner, peppermint or our Sanitizing Blend are both great options for maintaining a pleasant-smelling space that isn’t polarizing for members.

5. Repels spiders and insects.

Peppermint oil work can work wonders for giving you a little boost to beat the mid-afternoon slump… but did you know it can also be used to repel spiders and insects in your home? (It’s often used as an ingredient in all-natural insect repellents.)

Though little search has been done to prove, definitively, that peppermint oil repels bugs, studies do point to the conclusion that peppermint oil is a viable alternative to traditional chemical repellents.


While essential oils can work wonders for your overall health and wellness, not to mention just creating a pleasant aroma within your house, they clearly have far more applications both in and out of the home. Hopefully this list will give you a few more ideas of how and where you can use essential oil plug ins in your own life!

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