Fragrance and Real Estate: How Scents Sell Your Listing

by Keith Coe
how fragrance and air fresheners sell real estate listings


- The power of scent provides an advantage that every realtor must capture in order to distinguish his or her listings and support a purchaser’s buy decision.  Fragrance should be an element in every selling strategy, especially a real estate asset that needs to sell fast.

- Why you should include air fresheners in a home listed for sale and the fragrances that you should use or avoid.  Certain fragrances might be polarizing without universal appeal.  We recommend fragrances with near universal appeal.

-  A home’s fragrance is impactful because it is closely tied to our emotional states and mood, for good or bad.  A curated positive can improve the mood and emotional state of prospective buyers.  Scent can make or break a sale.

- The right fragrance can evoke closely held memories that are important to a purchaser and bring to the forefront positive experiences and associations with a listed asset.

- ScentDiffuse by Scent Fill is a game changer for residential and commercial real estate sales because it chemically renders malodorous smells undetectable. It can even eliminate pet odors and stabilize stinky teenager rooms. Especially effective for remediating odors caused by mold, and water intrusion.

- Plug in air fresheners are always on and produce a long-lasting fragrance and are better than candles that present a soot and fire hazard or aerosol sprays that dissipate quickly.
    We Understand Home Fragrance.

    At the outset, please know that Scent Fill understands home fragrance. We were the first company to offer 100% natural plant-based air fresheners for your real estate listings. Not one of our products has a harsh chemical that can turn off potential buyers. Our knowledge of scent and its powerful impact on environments is peerless. We would welcome the opportunity to be part of your efforts to curate a scent that speaks to your intended application, especially in support of a real estate transaction. Keep reading, this will be worth your time.

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