Home, Not So Sweet Smelling Home - How To Make Your Home or Real Estate Listing Smell Fresh

by Mark Callison
Deodoring Old Musty Home, Apartment or Real Estate Listing Naturally

Introducing Michelle's Scent Fill Success Story


Last year my husband and I purchased our first home. It is an absolutely adorable craftsman built in the late 1920s. We knew the house would need some updating which we have been doing slowly as time and funds allow but the one thing that we needed to address immediately was the “Old house smell”. You know what we’re talking about, right? It’s that stale, musty odor that seems ever-present the instant you set foot inside an older home. Whether by age or climate a stale-smelling living space is always a no-go.


We did all the usual must-do’s after getting the keys to our new home, we opened up the windows and aired the place out. We deep cleaned all the floors of the house including the attic, basement, and all the air ducts. We were pretty successful at airing the place out but there was a scent we couldn’t quite eradicate it wasn’t mold or mildew or anything that could be pinpointed per se it was simply the age.


The house was over 100 years old and there is simply a hundred years’ worth of lived history within the walls, the floors, and the fixtures of this house. In the inspection we discovered there had been a kitchen fire sometime in the home's history and a very slight almost imperceptible acrid smell could be sensed whenever you were in the kitchen long enough. The well-worn wood floors had seen the footsteps of countless barefoot summer days and snow boot winters.


As much as I appreciate this history academically, in the end, you want your home to look feel, and yes even smell like YOUR home. Thankfully Scent Fill came to the rescue yet again with a trio of products that let us hit the reset button on our home and start fresh.


100% Natural Clean Air Blend (Peppermint, Jasmine & Oak Moss) Plug-in Refill Air Freshener


This was the first product we used. The unique, all-natural plug-in refill is one-of-a-kind in its ability to actually eliminate unpleasant odors, rather than cover them up with fragrance like most other air fresheners on the market today. Mildly aromatic, and slightly less noticeable to the nose than our other products, this scent combines peppermint, jasmine, and oakmoss, to create a fresh, clean, subtle scent. The real star of this show is the all-natural oakmoss essential oil. 


Aside from its warm, woodsy, earthy scent, oakmoss has inherent deodorizing properties and is even used in many natural stick deodorants and sprays sold by personal hygiene retailers. 


Combine the properties of oakmoss, and the clean properties of peppermint, this blend is perfect to eliminate odors.  


*Clean Air Blend is temporarily OUT OF STOCK. We recommend 100% Natural Peppermint as a replacement.    



ScentDiffuse™ Deodorizer Air Freshener Refill for Malodor Removal


ScentDiffuse™ is a new, long-lasting, always-on way to eliminate odor.

Scent Fill has 3 different categories of ScentDiffuse™ General Deodorizers, Smoke Deodorizers*and lastly Pet Deodorizers. For our kitchen we picked up the ScentDiffuse™ Smoke Away Deodorizer - this product combats the strong, stale malodor left behind by smoke. Scents of natural orange peel, eucalyptus, green cardamom, and patchouli oils combine for a sweet, earthy, herbal fragrance, that quickly eliminated the long-present smell of smoke damage.

ScentDiffuse™  also has versions specifically formulated remove cannabis and cigarette  smoke odor 


100% Natural Lavender Essential Oil Plug-in Refill Air Freshener


Once we had successfully eliminated the odors from our home we started fresh by using Scent Fills 100% Natural Lavender Essential Oil Plugin. We immediately noticed the difference, now our home smelled of genuine English lavender. The full-bodied presence of this scent worked perfectly in both the larger rooms of the home as well in small rooms. I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming scent in our new home.


Thank you for reading, I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season please check back for more reviews and lists in the coming weeks! Until then have a Merry Christmas!


- Michelle

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