Safe Natural Fragrance & Air Fresheners In Your Yoga Studio That Yogis Love

by Keith Coe
Using fragrance and air fresheners in our yoga studio or gym


Consider leaning into the creation of a yoga wellness studio and becoming something more than a yoga classroom. fast.

- Aromas can speed the transition and enhance the well being of practitioners.  Essential oil aromas might be used to create a calming, meditative, and invigorating experience for practitioners and yogis alike.

Curated scents will deepen your brand connection.

- With your help and guidance, yoga practitioners can make their home smell the same as your tranquil studio further establishing your connection.


    The Wellness Yoga Studio

    Yoga practitioners depend on yoga for more than exercise, to state the obvious.  Effective studios have become centers of wellness and well being.  Yogis that lead sessions provide an energizing force for the bodies, minds, and spirits of those with whom they share their practice.  It is incumbent on yoga studios to create an environment that will enhance the experience.  Even small studio tweaks can add tranquility and calmness for an invigorating experience.

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    Yoga’s Benefits + Aromatherapy

    Yoga makes a profound contribution to spiritual and mental wellbeing while increasing muscle strength and flexibility.  A study published by the NIH found that “yogic practices enhance muscular strength and body flexibility, promote and improve respiratory and cardiovascular function, promote recovery from and treatment of addiction, reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, improve sleep patterns, and enhance overall well-being and quality of life.” (1) But you knew that already. 

    Johns Hopkins Medicine points out the power that is generated by adding yoga to physical and mental recovery.  “Yoga offers physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages.  And, if you’re going through an illness, recovering from surgery or living with a chronic condition, yoga can become an integral part of your treatment and potentially hasten healing.” (2)

    According to the American Osteopathic Association, one important benefit of yoga is its promotion of our bodies natural ability to heal.  Osteopathic physicians “focus a lot of effort on preventive medicine and practices, and in the body’s ability to heal itself. Yoga is a great tool for staying healthy because it’s based on similar principles.” (3)

    Study after study has confirmed the impact of yoga on healing and wellbeing.  A simple review of the titles of few studies published by the NIH shows yoga’s multifaceted benefits:


    Aroma that is harmonized with yoga practice can be a powerful tool for a yoga wellness studio.  Any studio’s efforts to create an environment conducive to physical, mental, and spiritual recovery will be enhanced by including carefully curated scents.  Citing the positive impact of lavender aromatherapy during yoga practice on depressed older women, a recent study found a “greater reduction in depression in the combined groups [yoga and aromatherapy] compared to the yoga [only] practice group.” (4)  Consider how these products might lift and harmonize your practice:

    Yoga Wellness Yoga Studio Fragrance Recommendation Nag Champa Yoga Wellness Yoga Studio Fragrance Recommendation 100% natural lavender Yoga Wellness Yoga Studio Fragrance Recommendation 100% natural Palo Santo


    Yoga as Meditation Influenced by Scent

    Yoga has been described as moving meditation.  The practice of meditation and yoga dovetail in an intentional way. Most beginning practitioners think of yoga meditation as savasana.  Seasoned practitioners and instructors know that the entire session has been meditative and calming.  While yoga and meditation are technically different practices, the full benefit of yoga arises when combined with meditative practices.


    Consider the practice of yoga nidra or yogic sleep.  Yoga nidra offers profound rest equal to deep sleep states that can be achieved while remaining conscious.  The meditative practice of yoga is a complete circle of experience from the vigorous to the restful. Much has been written about the power of yoga nidra (or non-sleep deep rest, NSDR) and its ability to improve sleep, manage anxiety, and effect deep change. (5) It might be worth considering for your studio. 


    Adding aroma to the meditative state will likely heighten yoga’s positive outcome for managing stress and enhancing well being.  In a study published in Journal of Applied Research and Practice found that the effect of “combining aromatherapy with mindful meditation was found to positively enhance one’s experience.” (6)  The value and impact of aroma might seem understated and nuanced, but evidence of its positive and perhaps synergistic effect  continues to be uncovered by researchers and practitioners


    Your Shop Scent

    Occasionally a new product hits the market that changes everything.  ScentDiffuse by Scent Fill is just such a product.  Our ScentDiffuse aromas bond with malodorous molecules and renders them permanently undetectable.   The benefit of ScentDiffuse in a yoga studio context is perhaps obvious:  It means that the air is no longer fouled with the stale and combined body odors from past sessions.  Malorerous smells aren’t masked by a heavy, oppressive scent but rendered inert though a natural chemical process. The air cleansed by ScentDiffuse is light as a feather.  The aroma comes through as natural and not overly strong with something to hide. 

    We promote the ScentDiffuse product line based on personal experience.  The ultimate product testing happened when the Founder of Scent Fill experienced a leaky roof that had allowed moisture into a few of his rooms.  The roof was repaired, however, the musty and wet smell persisted. He plugged in a trial ScentDiffuse product he had planned to test and left his house.  Upon his return an hour later the malodorous smell was gone; not masked and hidden behind a heavy scent but gone.  He knew straight away that this product would make a difference.

    Your author recently experienced something similar when moving into a new duplex apartment in a tropical climate.  I remember being assaulted with the stale smell of a closed-up space suffering from the tropical heat and humidity.  I called my expert colleagues at Scent Fill who suggested that I try a ScentDiffuse product.  My experience was the same as Scent Fill’s Founder.  An hour later the musty closed-up damp smell was GONE, and the air was light and a bit cheerful.

    Our own experience with ScentDiffuse is why we offer them to the market.  We have confidence that they will do what we advertise:  cleanse the air without the heaviness and cloying of a masking agent.  Next time you list a home with a strong lived-in odor, we recommend that you give ScentDiffuse a try.


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    Studio Branding


    The scent of a place forms our strongest and most easily retrieved memories.  “As a sense, smell is still very much underappreciated.   No other sensory system has as much emotional and evocative potency” says Professor Rachel Herz. (7) Examples of the phenomenon she teaches abound in each of us:  the smell of your favorite hotel, flowers in your mother’s garden, cookies baking, an infant’s skin.  For better or worse, a yoga studio’s brand is tied directly to its environmental scent.  To curate the scent is to enhance a studio’s brand as well as impact the wellness of your yogis.  And when that practitioner asks how he or she might bring the scent home, you can point them our way.  Better still, have some in stock to share with them.



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