Expert Tips for Finding Your Signature Scent

by Keith Coe
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• Scent is the first thing people notice about you and your home. Scent informs every other impression. Make it good and find your signature.

• Scent Fill has 100% natural plug-in air fresheners that you can trust to bring the best environmental fragrance and air to your home.

• We offer 5 tips for finding your signature scent. Scent Fill’s path is much more productive than the too simple internet quizzes.

• Steps to finding a signature scent include (i) finding your family of scent, (ii) be expansive and thoughtful, (iii) understand the notes behind the fragrances, (iv) be mindful of the intensity of fragrance, and (v) live with it for a bit.

• We offer a few specific tips for specific applications, like (i) a kitchen forward home and gourmand scents, (ii) outside inside home and green floral fragrance, (iii) particular odors and ScentDiffuse, (iv) a wood dominate home and wood scents, and (v) the warm and sensual home and spice scents.


Your Scent or Your Shoes? Scent Perception is No Joke


It has been said that you should always wear great shoes, because shoes are the first thing anyone will notice about you. With all due respect to cobblers everywhere … long before someone has glanced down at your shoes, they have captured your scent. And, unlike stylish shoes, your scent influences a myriad of assumptions about you both conscious and unconscious and real and imagined. The power of scent is greater than you imagine. Smell influences how others think about you. It speaks to your health, well-being, mood, emotional state, cleanliness, sociality, and memory just to name a few.

The sense of smell has long been characterized as a human deficiency seeming less important to the quality of human existence than other senses. Only recently has science and research caught up and discovered just how robust the human sense of smell is and how vital it is to our quality of life. According to one respected research scientist published in a trusted source, humans can detect about a trillion different scents, far greater than previous estimates of 10,000 or so.

According the above-referenced scientific study: “scents and the sense of smell is much more important than we think. It strongly influences human behavior, elicits memories and emotions, and shapes perceptions. Our sense of smell plays a major, sometimes unconscious, role in how we perceive and interact with others, select a mate, and helps us decide what we like to eat.” Smells are powerful. They shape perceptions. Use them to your advantage.

Environmental scent is crucial to our well-being and our sociality and hospitality. Because our sense of smell is so immediate and unavoidable, the fragrance of our homes is truly our first impression. Your taste in design, furnishings, music, art, food, beverage, and all the impressions captured by other senses have all already been influenced by scent. Scent if first and informs the rest. It is relentless and unavoidable.


About Scent Fill and Why You Should Trust Our Air Freshener Fragrances

Scent Fill is the first and perhaps only air freshener company with products that have your well-being in mind. We offer air freshener products that are 100% natural and plant derived. Not one of our plug-in air fresheners has a harsh chemical or something detrimental to your indoor environment. All are certified by Leaping Bunny to be cruelty-free.

We hope to earn your trust and will honor and protect it. Integrity of product is our mantra. We make these claims with well-placed, and science-backed confidence. Our industry position gives us standing to discuss olfactory health, the impact aroma has on wellness and its connection to emotional and physical health. We invite you to learn more about us and our products here.

We are confident that our plug-in warmers are the best scent diffuser mechanism for home usage. They deliver a more consistent and safe scent to your home than even the best rated scented candles and have no danger from flame or smoke.


Five Expert Tips to Finding Your Signature Fragrance

Scent Fill wants you to know your scent profile. The internet’s ubiquitous find you scent quizzes, while perhaps fun to take, can’t magically introduce you to your signature scent. Unfortunately, you will need to dig a bit deeper and engage your self-awareness in the effort. Stop searching and let us help you find the best scent for your home. Read on, it will be worth your while.

We mapped a pathway for you and have confidence that you will find the scent for your environment that is most pleasing to you and that speaks to others about your ethos. Scent Fill has the best aromatherapy diffuser oils and because they are 100% natural, you can trust them.

Try these steps to find the best aroma for you and your family and make it your signature scent:

  • First, Find Your Family of Fragrance:  Scents are classified or grouped into families.  Finding your signature scent begins with an exploration of scent categories.   Within these family classifications you will begin to see the scents that appeal to you and understand what they might tell others about you.  Don’t get lost in the detailed weeds about notes, intensity, or warmth … yet.  Click through here to Scent Fill’s Matchmaker Tool and make a short list of scent classifications that speak to you.  
  • Allow Yourself to Be Expansive:  As you become familiar with the scent classifications, be expansive and let your mind wander through a diversity of things you enjoy.  Think of what evokes feelings of happiness and contentment.  Maybe a favorite vacation destination.  How your garden grows in the spring.   Your go-to kitchen recipes and favored spices.  Perhaps the things that make you feel sexy and desired.  Uncover the smell that is behind a cherished memory and that has cemented it in you forever.  No limits here.  A longer journey down different pathways is best.
  • Next, Compare the Notes:  The notes behind a scent represent the phases of experience you will have with it.  Notes will help further define the appeal of a fragrance to your nose palette.  The notes are members of your scent’s family. Scent Fill’s Matchmaker Tool will give you hints about a fragrance’s notes.  Think of combinations of floral, spice, gourmand, wood, tobacco, herbs, fruit, and citrus to name a few.  For example, a floral scent might have the soft notes of jasmine and rose or spicy notes like patchouli.    
  • Find the Right Intensity:  While the Scent Fill plug-in warmer is adjustable to fine tune the strength of the diffused scent, different scents have different inherent intensities.  Not one of our air fresheners has heavy or harsh chemicals and most are 100% plant based and natural leading to a natural appealing lightness.  But each fragrance presents with a different intensity.  For example, our ScentDiffuse products are exceptionally light and cleanse the air.  Other fragrances, like perhaps Eucalyptus Spearmint is more fragrance forward and vital.  One way to look at intensity is to think about whether a fragrance is warming or cooling.   Both intensities have an appeal.
  • Live With Scent Fill for a Bit:  Try a few different categories choosing fragrances that have the right nose for your palette.  Every environmental scent will live in your space a bit differently than it does when you sniff test the plug-in bottle.  That’s because scents present themselves in three different manners:  A scent has a first impression which may feel strong because it is new and unaccustomed.  Next will come a middle experience as a fragrance combines with your environment and finds balance.  And finally, the right scent will become comforting and linger quietly in your consciousness after days of experience.  Your signature scent won’t be fully reveled until you have lived with it for a bit.

A Few Specific Recommendations 

To kick things off a bit and in the spirit of helping you find the best home fragrance to grace your house … here are a few thoughts that are drawn from Scent Fill’s collective experience. Perhaps you will see something that activates your interest.

  • A Kitchen Forward Home: If the heart of your house is found in the kitchen where you enjoy constant gathering and activity: We suggest an initial focus on our gourmand family of scent with fragrance notes that include edible, sweet and savory; vanilla, coffee, honey, candy, and foods.

    A few great choices: Spiced Chai, Vanilla, or Cinnamon Apple.



  • Bringing Outside Inside: If you love a light and airy space that connects the inside of your home to the outside grounds and gardens: We suggest a focus on both the green family of scents and the floral family with fragrance notes that run from fresh and lively, freshly cut grass, foliage, and mosses to flowery and soft, gardenia and rose, sometimes spicy like patchouli.

    A few great choices: Sweet Rose, Cucumber Basil, or Orange Blossom.
Natural Air Freshener Sweet Rose & Basil 100% Natural Cucumber and Basil air freshener


  • Pets, Smokers, and Teenagers: Perhaps you fight the odors emanating from smoke, active pets, or other pungent smells in your home including the dreaded teenage room. If so, our ScentDiffuse family may be perfect for you. It is a unique and effective natural essential oil product that bonds with malodourous molecules and renders them undetectable. No kidding. ScentDiffuse is a game changer. The air in your home can be light as a feather.

    Try all seven of the ScentDiffuse products that eliminate orders and leave a subtle and pleasing scent.

    Malodor Air Freshener ScentDiffuse Non Toxic odor remover ScentDiffuse by Scent Fill Smoke Away Malodor remover air freshener plug in ScentDiffuse by Scent Fill Malodor remover air freshener plug in


  • Wood Forward and Crafty:  Whether your home is in a forest, dominated by natural wood and millwork, or woodworking is a family passion, our wood family of scents might be for you.  Fragrance notes include rich, elegant, deep, often combined with fresh, floral, spicy, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, and cedar.

    We think these choices are a good fit: Fraser Fir Balsam Pine, Mahogany Teak ,or Palo Santo.


Scent Fill starter kit 2 Mahogany & Teak refills + diffuser.


Warm and Sensuous:   If your home is a warm and inviting space and your taste runs colorful and sensuous, perhaps our spice and ambery family of fragrance is for you.  Fragrance notes include decadent, powdery, soft, musky, sandalwood, cedar, warm, sultry, deep, heady, cardamom, incense, pepper, clove, ginger, and patchouli.

Try Warm Spice, Tobacco Sage, or Soft Cashmere and Amber.

Natural Warm Spice Air Freshener Natural Tobacco Sage Air Freshener Natural Soft Cashmere and amber air freshener


Your signature scent will be the best choice for your home. It will inform others about who you are and what you care about. It will deepen family memories and heighten recall. It will enhance the well-being of family members.

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