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by Mark Callison
Olfactory Mapping Plugin Scented Oils

Your sense of smell is a powerful thing. It can bring back memories, attract or repulse us, or even influence our mood. Olfactory cues can predict rewards by alerting us of palatable food and even a potential mate. Conversely, adverse malodors can be a predictor of punishment or dangers such as food pathogens. Our olfactory system consists of a nose, nostrils, sinus cavity, tissues and the olfactory epithelium, which stores mucous membranes, olfactory glands, neurons and nerves. This system detects odor molecules and transmits information to your brain through sensory transduction. 

As individuals, we all have our own scent preferences. What is perceived as top strong, weak, spicy or floral for some is quite the opposite for others. Some love gourmand (food like) scents while others say they unnecessarily stimulate or decrease appetite. Finding pleasant scents can drive positive behavior, create arousal, stimulate appetite, create a sense of well-being, provide respiratory or headache relief or a good night's sleep or relaxation. Let's use the information below to better understand how your personal preferences fit into scented oil olfactive mapping. Knowing this can help you make better decisions as a consumer when picking scented products and can help you correlate similar scents between different brands. We will show the olfactive categories for scented oil refills and corresponding products from Scent Fill and store brand Plugin refill manufacturers. Many manufacturers selections are seasonal or discontinued and are constantly changing.

Floral Gourmand Oriental

Directory of Plug in Scents By Manufacturer by Olfactory Category 


Scent Fill- Tropical Essence, Fresh Linen, Mountain Air , Fresh Linen

Glade- Limited Editions -Sunny Days, Soak it in, Summer Sun,Clean Linen, Hawaiian Breeze

AirWick- Lemonade Stand, Snuggle Fresh Linen, Bright Citrus Splash


Watery Ozonic-

Scent Fill- Fresh Linen,Mountain Air  Refresh Blend 

Glade- Clean Linen, Fresh Mountain Morning, Crisp Waters, Blue Odyssey and Aruba Wave

Febreeze- Linen & Sky, Greek Seaside, Crisp Linen, Wave Crasher

Airwick- Ocean Spray, Fluffy Linen, Pure Breeze and Snuggle

Renuzit- Pure Breeze


Green Aromatic Herbal-

Scent Fill-  Mint Rosemary,Lemongrass Geranium, Lavender Mint, All Natural Peppermint,  Balsam and  Fraser Fir in Development, Sanitizing Blend,Natural Lavender, Lavender Vanilla , our relax blend can be considered green aromatic and fruity complex. 

Glade- Rosemary Sage, Sparkling Spruce, Lavender Peach Blossom

Febreeze- Moonlit Lavender, Meadows & Rain, Mediterranean Lavender

Airwick- Lavender & Chamomile, Lush Hideaway, English Lavender Garden and Purple Lavender

Renuzit- Lavender and Vanilla 


Fruity Complex-

Scent Fill- Relax Blend, Amber Blend

Glade-  Radiant Berries, Winter Berry, Pomegranate, Fresh Berries and the following limited editions -Sunshine Showers, Merry Citrus, Melody Splash Out,  Sandalwood & Jasmine

Febreeze-Strawberry Fig, Nector

Airwick- Fresh Berry Picking, Life Scents Summer Delights, Sweet Lavender Days and Red Currant Lavender. Limited edition National Parks Wild Strawberry & Mountain Rain (Compare to Scent Fill Mountain Air)


Fruity Tropical-

Scent Fill- Tropical Essence.

Glade- Hawaiian Breeze, Vanilla Passion Fruit and Tropical Mist

Airwick- Island Paradise, Life Scents Paradise Retreat, HAWAI'I


Fruity Floral-

Scent Fill-  Relax Blend, Tropical Essence

Glade- Lavender & Peach Blossom, Red Honeysuckle, Fresh Citrus Blossom  

Febreeze- Spring & Renewal, Hawaiian Aloha, Gain Island Fresh

Airwick- National Park Limited Editions Tropical Hibiscus & Paradise Orchid. Life Scents Mystical Garden, Cherry Blossom Sunset, Marshmallow Raspberry Rose

Renuzit- Tahitian Breeze, Hawaiian Sunset 


Oriental Woody & Spicy-

Scent Fill- Apple CinnamonSweet Pumpkin Cinnamon Spice , Sweet Fraser Fir, Soft Amber

Glade- Apple Cinnamon, Cashmere Woods, Sandalwood & Jasmine

Frebreeze- Milk & Honey, Limited Editions Spiced Pear and Autumn Harvest

Airwick- Apple Cinnamon Medley

Renuzit- Apple Cinnamon


Amber Gourmond-

Scent Fill- Vanilla Peppermint,Sweet Pumpkin Cinnamon Spice , Soft Amber

Glade- Pure Vanilla Joy 

Febreeze- Unstoppable's Lush, Toasted Almond, Vanilla Latte. 

Airwick- Creamy Vanilla, Cinnabon. Classic Cinnamon Roll, Summer Delights

Renuzit- Simply Vanilla.


 Scent Fill Plugin Refills


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